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Sculpting an Indian Warrior Bust

Original Hand-Made Indian Dolls
By Marion Springer

My interest in creating realistic American Indian Art Dolls comes about quite naturally due to my cultural heritage.SHOSHONE CHIEF My grandfather was a full-blood Choctaw Indian and my mother was a half-blood.. I am a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation, with roll number 127942. My mother and grandfather were proud of their American Indian heritage and passed that pride on to me. From them I learned to appreciate the ways of our ancestors. The more I learned about the culture, the more I appreciated it. American Indians have a strong sense of family and community, as well as love and respect for nature and all its creatures. To me, these are good values. Down through the years I made dolls: cloth dolls, carved wood dolls, hand-sculpted dolls, all kinds of dolls. The strong pull on me is Indian dolls. The American Indian is an important part of our country's history . With my dolls, I try to portray a bit of that history. These realistic dolls represent ordinary people engaged in daily activities of the time. The dolls are handmade in the USA. A Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number and the Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation accompanies each doll.

Collector - Quality Indian Art

Original Hand-Made Indian Dolls

By Marion Springer
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